Droid Does. And so does LoyalDog! If your servers have Android phones, we have a sexy Android app that captures satellite lattitude and longitude of the process server as they are taking the photo at the address. The server also smoothly enters in what happened at the address (performing due diligence and completion of the job from the mobile device).

It sends this into the program with the attempt/completion information and updates the website so your clients can see this info as well!

You are able to show GPS-Verified proof that your server was there at the address. Armed with a photo and GPS verification of every attempt, you leave no doubt in your client's mind and show that you run a clean operation and hold your servers accountable.

When you give a presentation to prospective clients and show this technology, it creates a lasting impression.

The Droid app is also able to perform an optional second post to the attorney's computer system in real time!

Our mobile app is also fully DCA complianct for NY users and integrates seamlessly with an independent third party ( as required buy the NYS DCA rules.

We actively watch for new rules and laws and adapt your software accordingly to keep you in compliance and ahead of the game. It's all included and doesn't cost you anything.

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