About Us

LoyalDog is an affordable process-serving software system developed by a former owner of a process serving agency. The software includes all features that any process serving agency or server needs – based on actual experience. Our user-friendly system provides you with the tools you need to manage your daily business operations and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Why Choose Us?

We protect, manage and support your business needs

Our team will create, manage and secure your data and serve you with people whom you can trust and who will always guide your way to success. With our software, we manage your data files and your IT security. Also, we have friendly and professional Virtual Assistants with affordable packages…

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High Volume

LoyalDog is designed for high volume operations with data imports for a variety of high volume law firms and collection software interfaces. With LoyalDog, you can import and export hundreds, even thousands of jobs in seconds and slash your data entry costs.

This allows you to improve your margins and be more competitive.

By listening to our customers and putting in features they request, we have created a powerful program that is very friendly to small agencies and large agencies alike.


For over 10 years now we have been committed to providing you with the most advanced, innovative technologies and the best software to run your business on. This is our mission and our passion. We enjoy helping our customers grow.

Customer Service

At LoyalDog, we try to do things differently and stay cutting edge. We are available by phone during business hours to assist you. We use Skype extensively for its free instant messaging. We know many of our customers work late so in addition to our day shift, we also run a night shift and have programmers available to you via Skype online in your night time when you might get an idea for a feature, need a form customization or other work. Contact us today and put us to work for you.